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If you have some questions or comments and want to contact us or give your feedback, the best way is to leave a comment. Comment option is available at the end of every post at We humbly request that only the genuine people should use this feature to contact us.
It has been observed in the past that people use this feature to send spam of try their comments to leave a back link for their own websites. Such tricks are old fashioned and we take strong exceptions to such messages. Such kind of mails are illegal and we will not be able to respond or publish your messages and comments on our website.
The following type of messages or inquiries are usually acceptable.
  • The matter is related to Indian Railways. As we specialise on topics related to Indian Railways, its reservation system and online ticket booking we can help you resolve your issues by telling you how to go about with your problem or task at hand at 
  • You want to setup your blog regarding Indian Railways, IRCTC,, or other such travell related websites, where you are interested in affiliate marketing.
  • If you have your own travel agency and you want us to help you set up your site, the way we have done our own site for, you are more than welcome to contact us.
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