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A BLOCK YEAR consists of 4 calendar years. the present block year runs from 2013 to 2017. this can be divided into 2 block years for home town travel concession i.e. – 2013-15 and 2015-17, and concession to travel the HOME TOWN is obtainable twice. Rather than 2 visits to home city/town, the employee is eligible to convert two home town travel concession into ONE ALL India LTC concession. Eligible employees who haven’t availed of the home town travel concession of the 2013-15 year block can utilize it in 2015-17, or they can apply for it to be converted to All India LTC and avail LTC twice in one block year.

The central govt. employees are eligible to utilize air, ship, rail and road transportation facilities, along with the travel class depending on their designation and eligibility there of. 

In the year 2010, in order to develop Jammu & Kashmir and North-East Region, it was announced that Central Government employees are eligible to travel to these regions via air from Delhi and Kolkata respectively. It was also announced that the travel expenses could be claimed in advance. Following this announcement, Central Government employees have started travelling via air, along with their families. From the HEADQUARTERS, where they are employed, they have to travel to New Delhi or Kolkata by train and go to Shri Nagar or Gauhati by airplane. 

This concession is given in two categories, on the basis of grade pay. Those with GP higher than Rs. 4200 and above are eligible to travel from the airport nearest to their work headquarters. Those with GP lesser than Rs. 4200 will have to travel to Delhi or Kolkata by train and continue only the rest of the journey by airplane. 

These concessions were initially announced for only two years and then extended to 2013. Each BLOCK YEAR can be carried forward to one year, i.e., those who haven’t utilized the facility in 2012-13 BLOCK YEAR can avail of it until December 2014. 

This wonderful opportunity will draw to a close very soon. The Government has issued permission to travel by air to the NORTH-EAST REGION JAMMU & KASHMIR AND ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS until 25.09.2016. VIDE OFFICE MEMO: CLICK HERE

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