Saturday, January 18, 2014

IRCTC Trolled

IRCTC one of the giant e-commerce of Asia is making millions or can say billions of Rupees may be because of its high demand in India (The second most populated Country of World till now). Despite being a slow and ir-responsive website its is used daily by lakhs of Indians because they have no other option other than travelling by trains. Bad roads and lack of security are main reasons. Also, the railway provides less facility and less seats to travel.
IRCTC trolled

Railway sector has a great share of showing bad side of India to tourist. In spite of the fact that they charge more than normal for tickets their facilities are worst. Railway sector makes crores of profit yearly but never thinks to improve its infrastructure, introducing new and latest technology trains and of course the condition of stations.
IRCTC service unavailable

IRCTC session expired

IRCTC multiple login error
Though the site has earned the medal of top e-commerce site but it is still too bad at providing online facilities even. 60% to 80% of public using IRCTC to book ticket online get errors like service unavailable, multiple login, session timeout, and sometimes payment gets done but ticket does not. This enables the thugs and agents to leech innocent passengers' money. Middlemen on the railway stations and near ticket booking widows are a common site. Time and again it has been brought to the notice of authorities that such people should be blocked access to railway stations and discouraged by imposing heavy penalties on them if found indulging in such activities. But authorities are yet to come to the terms and accept their fault.

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