Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Agents IRCTC Login Booking Trick


With lots of agents and IRCTC Login problems people usually are unable to book tatkal tickets but agents who are not allowed to book tickets at the tatkal starting time get the tickets for you. Have you ever thought how do they do it? How they manage to book tickets? You will obviously say that its their daily work and they know the best and also have software which let them book fast. Well, I would agree with only one of your point that is their daily work but not the software. It is true that once a software worked and let some agents who paid for the software to book tatkal tickets before tatkal time but I R C T C has overcome this error and software trick. That software costs around Rs.70,000/- according to some newspaper I read.

Tricks that Agents do with IRCTC Login Fast and Book Tatkal Tickets 

First you must know what they use! They use:
  • Mozilla Firefox - it is web browser like internet explorer and can be downloaded from here.
    firefox browser logo
  • Multiple IRCTC accounts / IDs, though this is illegal but they take the risk. I would not suggest you go for multiple accounts though because unlike agents you are concerned about your own ticket or your relatives and friends and your genuine account is sufficient for this purpose.
  • Two or three internet connections. Usually they have one broadband and one or two Net Setter (eg. reliance net or tata docomo dongle photon). For you a good broadband connection will be enough to book a ticket under tatkal scheme.
  • Auto form Fill Scripts (very important factor in booking a tatkall ticket nowadays). You can refer to my post which is in hindi for this purpose.
  • Sometimes using VPN - Virtual Private Network when very slow speed
So the next point is what is the procedure or steps needed to follow?
The steps are too easy and even you can do it easily if followed correctly.
I have written the steps that you needs to follow for tatkal booking. Follow the navigation on the right side of the page to read it. तत्काल टिकट कैसे बुक करें?


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